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July 16, 2017 - 01:59 PM

Dear St.Jude, you who was virtually forgotten for a long time has become my favourite saint. You have heard my prayers and interceded with me to Jesus and our God on multiple occasios now. Once again you have come to my aid during a dark phase in my life. During the time I prayed the novenna, it appeared my career was going downhill. My job applications were meeting with no response. Yet I was confident because I knew you would intercede for me. I consider the lone interview call I got as a miracle because it was from the best company in my field. It took me nearly eight months from then to be offered employment but you kept my hopes alive during this grim period. Dear Saint Jude you have been such a reassuring presence in my life these past few years. I promise to let more needy people know about the power of the prayers to you. Jesus thank you for choosing St.Jude as one of your apostles and giving us to him. Help me also become a better man, O Jesus, and help me do good for others at this job.

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